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A Complete Guide to the Best Nightclubs in New York City for 2024

New York City, an eternal epicenter of clubbing and nightlife, continues to hold its position as one of the world’s premier destinations for nocturnal revelry. While trends and preferences have evolved over the years, the city’s top clubs maintain their perpetual allure.

Whether you seek a cathartic all-night celebration or desire an intimate and sophisticated ambiance to impress a special someone, NYC offers a kaleidoscope of options. The city’s vibrant nightlife scene boasts lively music venues, dance halls, and energetic haunts, each with its unique character.

In bygone eras, the clubbing epicenter was confined to specific neighborhoods, but today, the finest clubs are scattered across the city, from Ridgewood to the Financial District. For those seeking alternative dance venues, explore our guide to the best nightclubs in New York City to dance. Concerned about cover charges and bottle service? Consider warming up the night at one of the city’s best dive bars before unleashing your dance moves. And, if you’ve mastered the art of partying, extend the festivities by venturing to one of the top brunch spots in NYC. NYC nightlife welcomes all, so don your dancing shoes and join the rhythm

Best Lounges & Nightclubs in New York City

New York City, the city that never sleeps, continues to reign as a global nightlife mecca in 2024. With an electrifying pulse and an array of nightclubs catering to diverse tastes, it’s a place where nocturnal adventures reach new heights. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the best nightclubs in the city, ensuring you’re well-equipped to navigate the vibrant NYC nightlife scene. From iconic hotspots to underground gems, we cover the spectrum of clubbing experiences that await you in the city that defines nightlife.

House of Yes

House of Yes

Immerse yourself in a uniquely Brooklyn experience at the House of Yes, where eclectic and exhilarating events redefine the nightclub scene. From roller discos to house yoga and circus-level performances, this vibrant venue offers a diverse and casual atmosphere that celebrates every form of diversity. Whether you’re practicing tai chi to trance music one day, enjoying a close-up magician’s performance the next, or dressing up for a themed night dedicated to a specific decade, House of Yes ensures that every night is a different adventure.

A cherished staple of the city’s nightlife, it’s a must-visit for both locals and visitors. You might want to call ahead to get the most out of your stay. Located just 30 minutes east of Manhattan’s city center, it’s a hotspot for those seeking a unique and ever-evolving nightlife experience in the heart of Brooklyn.

📍: 2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA
⏲️: Wednesday from 7 pm to 2 am, Thursday from 10 pm to 4 am, Friday–Saturday from 7 pm to 4 am, Sunday from 9 pm to 2 am, (closed Monday–Tuesday)
☎️: +1 646-838-4937

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In the heart of Brooklyn, Elsewhere brings together the laid-back party style of the borough with the grand scale of a megaclub, creating a colossal entertainment complex that defines the Jefferson Avenue strip. This burgeoning nightlife hub is anchored by a 700-person club that promises a fusion of pulsating beats and a mesmerizing laser-light spectacle.

In true Brooklyn fashion, Elsewhere offers a diverse range of entertainment, from industrial DJ sets to scorching indie rock performances, all-night raves, and the versatility to accommodate anything from intimate cocktails to massive concerts. For those seeking a breath of fresh air and breathtaking views of the NYC skyline, the club boasts a stellar rooftop bar.

Located just 25 minutes east of Manhattan’s city center, Elsewhere is at the epicenter of Brooklyn’s nightlife, making it an essential stop for those in search of a dynamic and unforgettable nightlife experience.

📍: 599 Johnson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA

Wiggle Room, East Village

Wiggle Room, East Village

Since its grand opening in May last year, Wiggle Room has swiftly become one of our top picks for nightclubs in the heart of New York City. It’s a place that excels in aesthetics, craft cocktails, and a stylish clientele. This two-story bar presents an atmosphere of “softened socialization,” serving up unique concoctions like the “Wiggle Room Martini.”

The ground floor boasts a more laid-back vibe, while the basement dance floor is a realm of funk and disco, where neon LED lights and a spinning disco ball merge to create a captivating dance haven. The fusion of ambiance, cocktails, and music at Wiggle Room makes it a must-visit spot for those seeking a memorable and dynamic night out in NYC.

📍: 9 Avenue A
🚉 Closest subway station: 2nd Ave. (A, F)

Good Room

Good Room

Step into Good Room, and you’ll discover a haven for music enthusiasts, offering not just one, but several “good rooms.” Among these spaces, there’s a DJ area, a traditional pub setting, and a classic vinyl room, each with talented DJs curating a diverse musical landscape.

The main room boasts a spacious dance floor and occasionally hosts live band performances. In the Bad Room, the ambiance is adorned with vintage vinyl records covering the walls, where DJs spin timeless classics. The bar and pub space is centered around a massive square bar, adding to the club’s unique character.

Particularly noteworthy is the FIXED event, organized by Joshua D. Houtkin and David R. Pianka, which has gained popularity as a vibrant nightlife party. Good Room, located in the Greenpoint neighborhood, is just a 20-minute journey northeast of the city center in Brooklyn, making it a hub for a younger, hipster crowd seeking indie-style music and an easygoing atmosphere.

📍: 98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, USA
⏲️: Friday–Saturday from 10 pm to 4 am (closed Sunday–Thursday)
☎️: +1 718-349-2373

Rumpus Room

Rumpus Room

Located in NYC’s Lower East Side, The Rumpus Room is a legendary dance club known for its intimate atmosphere, buzzing energy, and cutting-edge style. It was previously the Sapphire Lounge but has since transformed the space with the help of the award-winning designer Gulla Jonsdottir.

The club exudes a retro chic and eclectic ambiance, featuring distinctive elements such as bamboo shoots, weathered wood panels, a gleaming copper bar, and zebra-print ottomans for a touch of extravagance. An intriguing highlight is the life-sized mannequin of Grace Jones, providing a unique photo opportunity.

The Rumpus Room attracts a diverse crowd, blending fashion-forward individuals with the essence of city center cool, resulting in a vibrant and adult playground experience. Situated just 12 minutes east of the city center, it offers a wild and unforgettable nightlife scene.

📍: 249 Eldridge St, New York, NY 10002, USA
⏲️: Friday–Saturday from 10 pm to 4 am (closed Sunday–Thursday)
☎️: +1 212-777-5153

Marquee New York

Marquee New York offers a unique opportunity to groove in a globally renowned venue, where world-famous DJs curate the latest beats, and the atmosphere is graced by influential figures. If you’ve ever dreamed of dancing alongside famous fashion icons, media celebrities, and popular social media influencers, this is the ultimate party destination.

The club has hosted renowned EDM personalities like Chuckie, GTA, Michael Brun, and Steve Aoki, guaranteeing an electrifying experience. While dancing to a variety of music genres, you can savor magnums of champagne and indulge in craft cocktails such as the Suite 16 Cider. The ambiance is enhanced by glittering disco balls and dynamic video screens.

Due to its immense popularity, it’s advisable to book tables in advance as the club tends to get super crowded. Marquee New York is conveniently located just 15 minutes north of the city center of Manhattan.

📍: 289 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001, USA
⏲️: Wednesday, and Friday–Saturday from 11 pm to 4 am (closed Monday–Tuesday and on Thursdays and Sundays)
☎️: +1 646-473-0202

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Avant Gardner

Avant Gardner

Avant Gardner stands as a vibrant hub of celebration and music in NYC, encompassing a vast expanse of 80,000 square feet devoted to the art of dance. This complex is a true gem, constantly transforming with various stages, event spaces, and cultural festivities. Located in Bushwick, it spans an entire city block and boasts multiple distinct spaces: the Mirage, the Great Hall, the Lost Circus, and the King’s Hall, each offering a unique club experience.

From hosting big-name touring artists to mini-festivals, EDM DJ dance nights, and more, this venue caters to a wide range of tastes, making it a sought-after destination for both locals and visitors. Keep in mind that many events require advance ticket reservations. Avant Gardner is conveniently situated just 25 minutes to the east of the city center of Manhattan in the heart of Brooklyn.

📍: 140 Stewart Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA
☎️: +1 347-987-3146

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Bossa Nova Civic Club

The Bossa Nova Civic Club holds a revered place in the New York techno scene, where it weaves together an unexpected fusion of tropical-themed aesthetics and industrial music acts. This Brooklyn icon is renowned for featuring prominent artists such as Adam X, Heather Heart, Jamie xx, Marcos Cabral, Reade Truth, Mike Simonetti, and an array of other renowned DJs from around the world.

The club’s atmosphere exudes a unique blend, resembling the ambiance of a tropical beach bar intertwined with the energy of a nightclub. If you have a penchant for the techno scene and seek a fresh, vibrant experience, this club delivers your favorite music within an entirely different, stimulating setting. Conveniently located in Brooklyn, it’s just a 30-minute journey to the east of Manhattan’s city center.

📍: 1271 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, USA
⏲️: Daily from 7 pm to 4 am

SILO, East Williamsburg

SILO, East Williamsburg

Recently opened in February, this nightclub has breathed new life into a converted airplane hangar, establishing itself as the latest vibrant venue along Scott Ave in East Williamsburg. It cultivates a distinctly grungy and underground atmosphere, reminiscent of renowned nightlife scenes in cities like Berlin. Expect exceptional musical experiences, with weekend lineups featuring emerging talents in the house and techno genres.

Accommodating up to 500 guests, the club boasts a custom 40,000-watt Danley sound system, eight high-contrast projectors, a 16-foot-tall mezzanine, and an inviting dance floor. If you’re a regular on the club circuit in these areas, this establishment seamlessly fits into your weekend plans.

📍: 90 Scott Ave.
🚉 Closest subway station: Jefferson St. (L)

Musica, Hell’s Kitchen

Musica, Hell’s Kitchen

Prepare to be whisked away to the vibrant nightlife of Italy right here in New York City. Musica, the largest nightclub in the city, is on a mission to recreate the energetic atmosphere of European dance floors in Hell’s Kitchen. The club boasts a variety of spaces to explore, including “The Whisper Room” on the ground floor, a main room with two separate bar areas, and an inviting rooftop space. Throughout the year, Musica has welcomed prominent artists like Galantis and Kerri Chandler, making it a go-to destination for dance music enthusiasts.

Stay updated on their upcoming acts and events by following their Instagram page.

📍: 637 W 50th St.
🚉 Closest subway station: 50th St. (A, C, E)



ACME stands out as one of the trendiest nightclubs in New York City. As you descend into the lounge, you’ll be greeted by a stylish ambiance, featuring plush leather couches, inviting dim lighting, and a selection of signature cocktails. The resident DJs curate a playlist of crowd-pleasing tunes, ensuring that your night is filled with excitement and great music. While the attached restaurant serves delicious food during the day, ACME truly comes alive when the night falls. It’s the perfect place to unwind and immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife scene of the city that never sleeps.

📍: 9 Great Jones St.
🚉 Closest subway station: Bleecker St. (5, 6), Broadway-Lafayette (A, B, D, F, M), & 8th St.-NYU (N, R, W)

Socialista, SoHo

Socialista, SoHo

Socialista is a Cuban-inspired gem that promises an unforgettable experience, featuring a delightful fusion of cuisine, signature drinks, and pure entertainment. Stepping inside feels like a journey back in time to a 1940s Havana saloon, with its plush seating, exotic floor and wall patterns, and an ambiance exuding colonial charm. While Socialista leans toward a more laidback vibe, it effortlessly creates its own captivating nighttime atmosphere, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a taste of Cuba’s rich culture and a memorable night out in New York City.

📍: 376 W Broadway, 2nd Fl
🚉 Closest subway station: Canal St. (1) & Spring St. (A, C, E)

Final Words

In the city that epitomizes the art of nightlife, our guide has unveiled the top nightclubs that will shape your 2024 nocturnal adventures. NYC’s clubs are known for their diversity, energy, and ability to cater to every party-goer’s desires. Whether you seek electronic beats, hip-hop vibes, live music, or a mix of genres, you’ll find your rhythm here. As you venture into the glittering night, remember to embrace the unique ambiance and revel in the immersive experiences that only New York City can offer.


What is the age requirement for most NYC nightclubs?

The age requirement for most NYC nightclubs is 21 and over. Some venues may offer 18+ nights on specific occasions.

Do I need to make reservations in advance to enter these clubs?

While some clubs may accept walk-ins, it’s often advisable to make reservations, especially on weekends, to secure your entry and avoid long lines.

What is the typical dress code for NYC nightclubs?

Dress codes vary, but generally, upscale casual attire is preferred. This may include collared shirts, dress shoes, and no athletic wear or flip-flops.

Are there any hidden or underground nightclubs worth exploring in NYC?

Yes, NYC boasts a vibrant underground club scene. These hidden gems often offer unique experiences and cater to niche music genres. Check out our guide for recommendations.

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