12 Best Craft Beer Bars for Local Brews in New York City

New York City, a bustling metropolis known for its diverse culinary scene, offers a plethora of delights for craft beer enthusiasts. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and urban hustle, the city boasts an impressive array of craft beer bars that are dedicated to serving up the best in locally brewed beverages. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey to discover the “12 Best Craft Beer Bars for Local Brews in New York City.”

Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of craft beer, these bars offer a taste of the city’s vibrant and ever-evolving craft beer culture, where you can savor unique flavors, relax with friends, and revel in the artistry of local brewers. So, join us as we hop from one neighborhood to the next, exploring the craft beer gems that make the Big Apple a hub for beer aficionados.

Enjoy the Best Craft Beer Bars in the New York City

if you’re ready to embark on a flavorful journey through the city’s craft beer scene, join us as we take you to the “12 Best Craft Beer Bars for Local Brews in New York City.

1. Harlem Hops

Harlem Hops

Harlem Hops is a craft beer pub in New York City’s historic Harlem neighborhood that stands out for its dedication to exhibiting a varied selection of local beers and honoring the area’s rich culture. This well-known business has rapidly become a destination for beer fans and residents alike, with an engaging and energetic ambiance that compliments its excellent craft beer range.

What distinguishes Harlem Hops is its emphasis on promoting the finest in local and regional craft brews. The pub has an ever-changing tap selection that includes beers from New York State and abroad, enabling guests to sample the region’s specialties. The range of beer genres offered guarantees that there is something for everyone, from IPAs and stouts to sours and lagers.

It’s also worth noting the bar’s dedication to encouraging diversity in the craft beer sector. Harlem Hops is committed to assisting minority-owned breweries, making it an important role in the creation of a more inclusive and equitable craft beer scene. This craft beer pub, with its warm and friendly decor, is a must-visit for visitors wishing to enjoy a part of Harlem’s rich history while sipping some of the best local beers on tap.

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2. Bondurants


Bondurants, a famous craft beer pub on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, has a superb reputation as a go-to location for beer connoisseurs in the city. Bondurants, named for a renowned baseball player, delivers a typical American experience with an emphasis on craft beer, much like America’s game. It’s a must-visit for both residents and tourists, with an excellent assortment of beers and a pleasant, rustic ambiance.

Bondurants’ broad and ever-changing beer selection is one of its distinguishing features. The bar appeals to a broad range of palates by offering a wide assortment of both local and foreign craft beers. Whether you’re looking for hops IPAs, creamy stouts, or anything in between, you’re certain to find your favorite or discover a new favorite. The educated staff at the bar is always there to provide ideas and insights, ensuring that every visit is a tasty journey.

3. The Pony Bar

The Pony Bar

The Pony Bar, a prominent craft beer restaurant with outlets in Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper East Side of Manhattan, has a devoted following among New York City beer fans. The pub is well-known for its persistent commitment to delivering high-quality craft beer and creating a distinctive, beer-centric experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

What distinguishes The Pony Bar is its dedication to presenting American craft beers, with a changing variety of local and regional brewers. 

The relaxed and inviting ambiance reflects the bar’s basic and honest attitude to craft beer. The Pony Bar stresses a welcoming and communal atmosphere, enabling visitors to relax with a beverage, participate in conversation, or watch a game on the enormous screens. The Pony Bar has become a favorite location for beer connoisseurs eager to experience a varied variety of American craft brewers thanks to its dedication to quality, a large selection of craft beer, and a relaxing environment.

4. Valhalla NYC

Valhalla NYC

Valhalla NYC, located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, is a renowned craft beer pub that has established a reputation as a hidden treasure among New York City beer connoisseurs. The uniqueness of this restaurant resides in its Scandinavian-inspired décor, which pays tribute to the fabled Norse hall of Valhalla. Valhalla NYC provides a unique and inviting experience for everybody, with a vast beer variety and an environment that conjures Old World elegance.

One of Valhalla NYC’s major characteristics is its amazing beer selection, which includes a variety of craft beers from both local and foreign brewers. With over 40 rotating brews on tap, the pub caters to a broad range of beer preferences. Whether you like hoppy IPAs, or creamy stouts, or want to experiment with unusual and seasonal releases, Valhalla NYC has something for everyone. The educated team is eager to provide advice and insights, ensuring that your visit is a tasty adventure.

The environment of the bar is similarly enticing, with its Viking-inspired décor, wooden furniture, and warm lighting providing a pleasant and welcoming place. The broad oak communal tables promote interaction, and the rustic but sophisticated setting is great for drinking a thoughtfully selected craft brew.

5. As Is NYC


As Is NYC, situated in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen area, is a hidden treasure among craft beer bars, providing a unique and wonderful experience for beer specialists as well as casual lovers. This inconspicuous pub features an excellent assortment of craft beers, an appealing ambiance, and a dedication to providing its customers with a great experience.

As Is NYC is distinguished by its finely chosen craft beer offering. The bar continuously serves a varied selection of types, enabling customers to discover a spectrum of tastes, with a changing list of more than 20 beers on tap. As Is NYC takes pride in offering top-quality beers from local and worldwide brewers, ranging from hop-forward IPAs to deep and nuanced stouts. Their commitment to providing a well-rounded and constantly changing beer selection guarantees that there is always something new to explore.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful night out, a boisterous gathering with friends, or just a spot to taste your favorite craft beer, As Is NYC provides an unpretentious and welcoming atmosphere. As Is NYC has carved itself a position as a must-visit location for anyone eager to experience the world of craft beer bar in the heart of New York City, thanks to its devotion to great beer and a welcoming atmosphere.

6. City Hops

City Hops

City Hops, a popular craft beer bar in New York City’s core, is a bustling and dynamic nexus for beer fans. City Hops has become a popular destination for both residents and tourists seeking an amazing beer experience in the city that never sleeps, thanks to its dedication to displaying a varied assortment of craft beers, a friendly and inviting ambiance, and a convenient location.

The outstanding assortment of craft beers at City Hops is at the core of the establishment. The bar offers a carefully chosen and changing selection of beers from local and regional brewers, allowing beer enthusiasts to sample a variety of types and tastes. From hazy IPAs and strong stouts to sour ales and seasonal specials, City Hops has something for everyone. The experienced staff is always willing to provide suggestions and insights, giving each visit a chance to try new and fascinating beers.

City Hops has established itself as a go-to location for people wanting to taste exceptional craft beer in a calm and welcoming environment, making it an important stop for beer fans exploring New York City’s bustling beer scene.

7. The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites NYC

The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites NYC

The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites, situated in the center of New York City, is a well-known craft beer pub that provides an exceptional experience for both beer and food connoisseurs. This institution blends a fantastic craft beer selection with a delightful menu of snacks and entrees, resulting in a harmonic refuge for people looking for the right taste match and a memorable beer-centric experience.

Jeffrey’s allure stems from its vast and expertly maintained craft beer inventory. The bar constantly provides a diversity of genres, from traditional lagers to new and inventive beers, with a changing selection of over 30 drafts. The bar’s focus on supporting local and small brewers means that patrons have access to a wide range of high-quality beers. Whether you want hoppy IPAs, creamy stouts, or sours with nuanced taste profiles, Jeffrey’s broad beer selection has something for everyone.

The warm and intimate setting of the pub adds to its attractiveness. Jeffrey’s rustic but elegant design offers a pleasant and friendly environment for visitors to relax and enjoy their beer and snacks. The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites provides a well-rounded and enjoyable experience, whether you’re engaged in spirited discussions with friends, watching a game on the screens, or just enjoying the tastes of your preferred craft beer.

8. Sunswick 35/35

Sunswick 35/35

Sunswick 35/35, a popular craft beer tavern in Queens’ Astoria district, is a New York City beer enthusiast’s hidden treasure. This inviting institution offers an excellent assortment of craft brews, a warm setting, and a dedication to providing its customers with a wonderful experience.

The broad and ever-changing beer selection at Sunswick 35/35 is its distinguishing characteristic. The pub provides a varied selection of types with a changing roster of over 20 beers on tap, guaranteeing there’s something to satisfy any beer lover’s taste. Sunswick 35/35 takes pride in delivering high-quality and various alternatives, whether you want hops IPAs, creamy stouts, or distinctive seasonal beers.

The peaceful and pleasant atmosphere of the pub makes it ideal for guests to unwind and enjoy their drinks. Sunswick 35/35’s friendly and cozy interior encourages socializing, whether you’re catching up with friends or having a quiet night out. The bar’s simple and sociable ambiance, along with its devotion to excellent beer, make it a popular destination for people looking for a pleasant craft beer experience in the heart of Queens.

9. Beer Run 

 Beer Run 

Situated in the center of [City], Beer Run is a craft beer pub that has grown in popularity among the local beer aficionados. This lively restaurant takes great satisfaction in providing its customers with a wonderful beer-centric experience, a great assortment of craft beers, and a welcoming ambiance.

Beer Run is unique in that it is committed to offering a wide variety of constantly changing beers. The pub provides a wide variety of types with a changing list of over [number] beers on tap, so there’s certain to be something to suit the palette of any beer enthusiast. Beer Run regularly offers excellent beers that suit a range of palates, whether you like rich stouts, hoppy IPAs, or distinctive seasonal offerings.

Beer Run has become an essential location for craft beer fans and those looking for an unforgettable craft beer experience. It’s a location where customers may enjoy a wide variety of craft beers, make lifelong friendships, have vibrant discussions, and take in the always-changing world of craft beer.

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10. Blind Tiger

 Blind Tiger

Located in the center of Greenwich Village, New York City, Blind Tiger is a highly regarded craft beer pub that has garnered a distinguished reputation among the city’s beer fans. This well-known restaurant is notable for its outstanding assortment of craft beers, friendly environment, and devotion to giving customers an unforgettable beer-centric experience.

What sets Blind Tiger apart is its steadfast dedication to presenting an exceptional assortment of beers. The pub constantly provides an incredible variety of types with a rolling list of more than [number] beers on tap, so there’s something to satisfy the tastes of every beer fan. Blind Tiger takes pleasure in offering premium beers from regional and foreign brewers, whether you want deep stouts, hop-forward IPAs, or unusual and seasonal offerings.

The cozy atmosphere of the bar makes it the ideal place for customers to enjoy their selected brews. Whether you’re having animated discussions with friends, enjoying a great craft beer, or just lounging with a game on the screens, Blind Tiger’s warm and inviting ambiance promotes socialization. The pub has become a beloved destination for anyone wishing to experience New York City’s lively craft beer scene because of its casual and welcoming ambiance as well as its commitment to quality.

11. Augurs Well Bar

Augurs Well Bar

Nestled in the center of [City], Augurs Well Bar is a hidden treasure among craft beer pubs, providing both beer connoisseurs and casual guests with an unforgettable and wonderful experience. This friendly institution is distinguished by its wonderful assortment of craft beers, warm ambiance, and dedication to giving patrons an unforgettable beer-centric experience.

Augurs Well Bar is unique because of its commitment to providing a wide variety of constantly evolving beers. The pub constantly provides a wide variety of types with a changing list of over [number] beers on tap, so there’s something to satisfy the palate of every beer enthusiast. Whether you enjoy rich stouts, hoppy IPAs, or distinctive seasonal releases, Augurs Well Bar takes pleasure in offering a diverse selection of high-quality beers to suit a variety of palates.

Augurs Well Bar is fast becoming a favorite hangout for craft beer lovers and everyone else looking for a friendly and fun experience. It’s a location where customers can completely immerse themselves in the always-changing world of craft beer, create enduring experiences, and enjoy a wide variety of craft beers.


In the bustling and diverse landscape of New York City, the craft beer scene has blossomed, offering beer enthusiasts and casual patrons alike a delightful array of options to explore and enjoy. The “12 Best Craft Beer Bars for Local Brews in New York City” have been carefully curated to provide a taste of the city’s vibrant craft beer culture.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy atmosphere, an extensive beer selection, or a delightful pairing of brews and bites, these bars offer a remarkable and unforgettable experience. So, embark on your own beer-tasting journey through the boroughs and neighborhoods, and discover the unique flavors and stories that make each of these craft beer bars a standout in the heart of the Big Apple.


What is the best time to visit these craft beer bars to avoid crowds?

The best times to visit these craft beer bars for a quieter experience are typically weekdays and early evenings. Happy hours are also an excellent option.

Do these craft beer bars offer options for non-beer drinkers or those with dietary restrictions?

Yes, many of these bars offer a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, as well as options for those with dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free beers or vegetarian-friendly menu items.

Are reservations required at these craft beer bars, or can you typically walk in?

Most of these craft beer bars operate on a walk-in basis, but it’s a good idea to check their websites or call ahead for special events or large groups.

Do these craft beer bars host live music or other events?

Some of these bars host live music, trivia nights, or other events. It’s advisable to check their event calendars for specific offerings and schedules.

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