The 17 Best Places to Travel in November 2023

In November, travel planning might not be at the forefront of your mind, but this late-fall month actually offers some of the best travel opportunities. Across the continental U.S., the weather is delightful. The southern states have shed the scorching heat, while further north, the crisp autumn temperatures create ideal conditions for outdoor adventures. Additionally, many popular holiday destinations, like Florida or New York City, are still in their shoulder season (until Thanksgiving for New York City), offering less-crowded resorts and better prices without sacrificing the holiday charm.

In this blog post, we unveil the 17 best places to travel in November 2023. From the charming streets of Europe to the exotic landscapes of Asia, we’ll guide you through a diverse selection of destinations, each with its unique allure. We’ll take you on a journey through picturesque locales, cultural wonders, and natural beauty, helping you make the most of this often-overlooked travel month. So pack your bags and embark on an unforgettable adventure this November, as we unveil the perfect places to make the most of this exceptional time of year.

Best Places to Travel in November International

The best travel destination for you and your family depends on your preferences. Are you yearning for leisurely days on sun-kissed sandy beaches? Perhaps you’re a leaf enthusiast looking to hike through vibrant forests (though for optimal foliage, plan your visit in early to mid-November in most U.S. regions). Or maybe a city getaway with boutique shopping and exciting dining options is more your style. Our list encompasses it all. Explore these 17 best places to travel in November.

01. Seabrook, Washington

Seabrook, Washington

The trend of families booking vacation rentals for Thanksgiving celebrations is on the rise, offering a convenient way to avoid the chaos of hosting at home. If you’re considering joining this trend, we’ve discovered the perfect destination: Seabrook, Washington. Located on the oceanfront, just two and a half hours west of Seattle, this coastal community boasts an array of over 500 homes, many of which are available for rent. What makes Seabrook particularly enticing is its walkable proximity to the beach, playground, shops, restaurants, and, most importantly for any Thanksgiving gathering, the grocery store.

Furthermore, these homes, constructed within the last two decades, feature state-of-the-art kitchens and ample space for accommodating everyone comfortably. In fact, some of the rental properties can host groups of up to 20 people. It’s an ideal setting for a memorable Thanksgiving celebration without the hassle of house preparation.

02. Islamorada, Florida

Islamorada, Florida

Nestled in the tranquil Upper Keys, approximately a 90-minute drive south of bustling Miami lies a sun-drenched paradise. This enchanting destination is renowned for its sport fishing opportunities, breathtaking coral reefs teeming with marine life, and captivating sunsets that paint the skies in vivid hues. For an idyllic stay, consider reserving a room at The Islands of Islamorada, where you’ll find a range of accommodations, from one-bedroom suites to spacious villas complete with fully-equipped kitchens, perfect for larger groups.

The resort also boasts a 600-foot stretch of sandy beach, an irresistible attraction for water enthusiasts eager to paddleboard or kayak in the crystal-clear waters. Make sure to set aside time for breakfast and an unforgettable experience: feeding the resident tarpons at Robbie’s. This local gem stands out as a must-visit spot in the Florida Keys, adding a touch of adventure and wildlife interaction to your serene getaway.

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03. Middleburg, Virginia

Middleburg, Virginia

Nestled in a picturesque corner of Virginia, near the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, this destination caters to a wide array of travelers. It’s renowned as the nation’s “horse and hunt” capital, hosting numerous fox hunts and thrilling steeplechase races, making it a haven for equestrian enthusiasts. Yet, this area offers more than just equine pursuits; it’s also celebrated for its local wineries, rich historical landmarks, and an impressive culinary scene.

For history aficionados, the charming Red Fox Inn & Tavern is the perfect lodging choice. This historic establishment has been graciously welcoming guests into its cozy rooms since 1728, providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s rich heritage. Whether you’re savoring local wines, exploring the past, or indulging in delectable cuisine, this Virginia gem promises an enriching and diverse experience for every type of traveler.

04. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

November signals the exciting start of the skiing season in Jackson Hole. Following a remarkable 2022-23 season with a snowfall of nearly 600 inches, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is all set to reopen its doors for the 58th season, commencing on November 25. Whether your travel plans fall early or late in the season, securing your bookings well in advance is highly advisable.

If you’re seeking a comfortable stay, The Virginian Lodge comes highly recommended. This establishment, formerly an old motel, has undergone recent renovations, imparting a fresh and modern ambiance. Its decor seamlessly blends the rustic charm of a lodge with the sleek aesthetics of mid-century modern design. For skiing enthusiasts, the lodge offers conveniences such as gear rental facilities and a convenient shuttle service to the slopes. After a day on the slopes, unwind by the inviting fire pits or soak in the hot tubs, making your apres-ski moments as enjoyable as your mountain adventures.

05. National Harbor, Maryland

National Harbor, Maryland

On November 19, an enchanting winter wonderland returns to the Gaylord National Resort, situated in National Harbor just beyond the bustling hub of Washington, DC. This year’s theme, inspired by the beloved “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” features a captivating 20,000-square-foot frozen spectacle that will leave kids absolutely spellbound. From exhilarating two-story ice slides to meandering through icy tunnels and arches, there’s endless fun to be had (no need to fret about the chill – everyone receives a cozy parka upon entry).

However, the festivities don’t stop with ICE! National Harbor takes holiday entertainment to the next level with a delightful and free holiday light show, occurring every half hour and commencing at sunset. Adding to the magic, fireworks light up the sky every Saturday at 5:30 p.m., running from November 11 to December 30. The destination is a shopper’s paradise with a plethora of stores, including outlets, perfect for holiday shopping. Plus, there are numerous restaurants to savor delectable meals and an impressive giant wheel that’s sure to entice kids and adults alike for a delightful spin. 

06. Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda

Embark on a journey to the captivating West Indies and explore the wonders of Antigua and Barbuda. These twin islands, nestled amidst the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, are renowned for their stunning reef-fringed beaches, lush rainforests, and a wealth of top-tier resorts. Travelers are spoiled for choice with an array of activities, from swimming with gentle stingrays to diving into crystal-clear waters, fishing in abundant seas, kayaking along picturesque coastlines, and embracing the thrill of kite surfing.

For families traveling with children, the resort extends a warm welcome with its outstanding kids’ program, ensuring a memorable and hassle-free vacation for visitors of all ages.

07. Paris, France

 Paris, France

While Paris is an enchanting destination year-round, November emerges as one of its most delightful seasons. With the anticipation of holidays, this month offers the perfect opportunity to revel in the city’s iconic attractions and indulge in its world-renowned shopping, all amidst the backdrop of fewer crowds.

Once you’ve checked off must-see landmarks such as The Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, venture into lesser-explored realms of the city. Delve into a unique cultural experience by uncovering the rich heritage of Black people in France through Ricki Stevenson’s Black Paris Tour. Immerse yourself in the vibrant ambiance of Little Africa, discovering lesser-known anecdotes about the African, Caribbean, and American influences on the history of the City of Lights.

For accommodations, consider the centrally located and newly renovated Hilton Paris Opera, a fantastic choice for your stay, providing a fabulously comfortable base to explore this mesmerizing city at its most tranquil and enchanting time of year.

08. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

As the monsoon season bids farewell, travelers making their way to the vibrant capital of Thailand can relish delightful weather with reduced humidity. Pleasant temperatures set the stage for immersive sightseeing and the joy of savoring delectable street food treasures like roti gluay and fragrant fried rice from the city’s abundant food vendors.

Indulging in these budget-friendly culinary delights, visitors can then set their sights on exploring ornate historical sites and sacred temples such as Wat Phra Sri Rattanasamaram and the awe-inspiring Wat Arun Ratchawararam, showcasing impeccable architectural splendor. For those with a penchant for shopping, the bustling Siam Square offers a retail haven, boasting an array of prominent retailers and premium goods.

For discerning travelers who seek top-tier service and luxury, accommodations like the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok and Park Hyatt Bangkok beckon. These opulent hotels not only offer high-end aesthetics but also a plethora of can’t-miss amenities, ensuring an unforgettable stay in the heart of this captivating city.

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09. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona

November unveils the perfect window to experience the charms of Scottsdale as temperatures begin to mellow, transforming it into an enticing destination for adventure seekers. This season heralds the revival of sunset horseback rides in the expansive 30,500-acre McDowell Sonoran Preserve, a protected desert habitat that serves as a paradise for cacti enthusiasts. Beyond horseback riding, the preserve offers thrilling opportunities for mountain biking and guided hikes.

Families will find their perfect match on the Bajada Nature Trail, an accessible route suitable for strollers and wheelchairs. This is one of the best places to travel in November in the USA. For those seeking a bit more challenge, the Gateway Loop Trail, a scenic 4.4-mile loop, is ideal for families with tweens. But the pinnacle of all adventures lies in hot air balloon rides, offering a unique perspective of the desert landscape.

When it’s time for a refreshing splash of water-based fun, head from the city center to Saguaro Lake or the Lower Salt River. Here, kayaking, rafting, and stand-up paddleboarding await, providing a different facet of the desert’s beauty. Consider The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch for your stay; it’s just concluding a substantial renovation, promising a comfortable and rejuvenating retreat during your Scottsdale sojourn.

10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you’re in search of a culturally enriching escape in the heart of the Midwest, Milwaukee is your ideal destination. While the city is renowned for its delectable cheese curds and rich beer heritage, its offerings extend far beyond that. A recent visitor raves about the city’s exceptional ambiance, noting, “Milwaukee may have a beer reputation, but every cup of coffee I enjoyed there was outstanding. The culinary scene was consistently top-notch.”

In Milwaukee, visitors can indulge in remarkable dining experiences at renowned establishments like Sanford, a critically acclaimed restaurant that captivates guests with a surprise tasting menu featuring seven exquisite courses. Milwaukee isn’t just about beer and cheese; it’s a cultural and culinary haven that promises a memorable and diverse culinary journey.

11. Maldives


The Maldives, a tropical paradise, boasts consistently warm weather throughout the year, but November signifies the start of a transition out of the wet season, heralding sunnier days that are nothing short of idyllic for unwinding on the nation’s pristine white sand beaches. It’s also the perfect time to embrace thrilling water sports activities like windsurfing and Jet Skiing, with the azure waters inviting you to dive into adventure. November brings a special gift in the form of enhanced water visibility, rendering it one of the finest periods for snorkeling and scuba diving, unveiling the mesmerizing world beneath the waves.

Should you ever yearn for a break from the sun-soaked shores, a speedboat ride to the captivating capital city of Malé awaits. Here, a treasure trove of sights, bustling markets, and delectable restaurants invite exploration. The Maldives in November provides a seamless blend of relaxation and exhilaration, a picture-perfect setting for a memorable tropical escape.

12. Budapest


While the mid-40s temperatures may give you a chill, a November getaway to Hungary’s captivating capital, Budapest, holds a special allure. This time of year witnesses a delightful drop in tourist crowds that usually inundate the city during the summer months, translating to excellent opportunities for snagging attractive hotel deals. Embrace the tranquility and seize the chance to immerse yourself in Budapest’s famous thermal baths, providing a soothing respite from the brisk weather. Additionally, a tour of the resplendent Hungarian Parliament Building is a must, where you can admire the grandeur of this historic gem.

However, make sure to reserve time for exploring the architectural marvel of Fisherman’s Bastion. This neo-Gothic masterpiece beckons with its enchanting lookout towers and terraces, offering panoramic vistas of the cityscape. Budapest in November unveils a unique charm, where you can balance warmth and relaxation in the thermal baths with the thrill of discovering the city’s remarkable landmarks while enjoying the pleasant absence of tourist crowds.

13. Istanbul


Exploring Istanbul during the city’s shoulder season is a savvy choice, offering numerous enticing advantages. As the summer tourists disperse, you’ll find yourself with the luxury of crowd-free attractions and budget-friendly room rates, making your visit all the more enjoyable. The weather in Istanbul during this time remains comfortable, with average temperatures in the 50s and 60s, negating the need to pack bulky snow boots (although an umbrella for the likely rain could come in handy).

Your Istanbul adventure awaits, beckoning you to immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of its mosques, with the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia ranking as must-visit landmarks. Delve into history at the Topkapi Palace Museum, where the legacy of emperors unfolds before your eyes. And, for a genuine taste of local culture, leisurely strolls through the vibrant districts of Besiktas and Beyoglu offer a sensory journey filled with delightful encounters and culinary discoveries. Istanbul’s shoulder season weaves an enticing tapestry, with fewer crowds, pleasant weather, and a treasure trove of cultural experiences awaiting your exploration.

14. Marrakech


November offers a refreshing alternative to Marrakech’s scorching and bustling summer season. The daytime temperatures gracefully dip into the welcoming low 70s, while the frenetic tourist traffic gracefully recedes. This provides you with an ideal opportunity to explore the vibrant Moroccan city at your own pace. Unleash your haggling talents at the lively outdoor market, Jemaa el-Fna, immersing yourself in the colorful tapestry of goods and flavors. Venture through the opulent Bahia Palace, where intricate architecture and history intertwine, or meander through the serene haven of Majorelle Garden, awash with cobalt blue and lush greenery.

An essential Marrakech experience is a desert excursion by camel or all-terrain vehicle. Be sure to choose a tour operator with a commitment to animal welfare. Regardless of your chosen adventure, remember to dress modestly, as it’s a sign of respect for the local culture. Marrakech in November offers a temperate climate and a more serene atmosphere, unveiling the city’s enchanting charms without the summer’s sweltering crowds.

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15. Adelaide


November is a splendid time to revel in the beauty of South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide. The region is blessed with low rainfall and mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s, creating the perfect backdrop for exploration. One of the highlights is embarking on wine-tasting adventures in the countless wineries dotting the landscape and venturing to the nearby Kangaroo Island for a truly unique experience.

Nature enthusiasts can while away an afternoon at the Adelaide Botanic Garden, where blooming roses and water lilies add vibrant hues to the landscape. As the sun sets, embrace the city’s lively nightlife with a memorable bar crawl. Spring in Adelaide heralds a plethora of events, including the OzAsia Festival, captivating audiences from mid-October to early November, and the month-long Feast Festival, an exuberant celebration of Adelaide’s LGBTQ community. Whether you’re savoring the flavors of fine wine or immersing in cultural festivals, Adelaide in November promises a memorable and diverse experience.

16. Crete


November in Crete brings forth a unique charm, despite the uptick in rainfall. It’s a season that unveils several significant advantages, including reduced hotel prices and a notable decrease in crowds. Moreover, the month is adorned with vibrant events that add an extra layer of cultural enrichment. Plan your visit to coincide with the St. Minas Parade, a lively celebration, or indulge in the Tsikoudia Festival, an ode to the art of raki making, where you can savor local traditions.

While it might not be the peak season for sunbathing on Crete’s tranquil beaches, there’s ample room for exploration. Immerse yourself in the island’s rich history by visiting iconic sites like the Palace of Knossos or meander through the enchanting lanes of Rethymno Old Town, where history and culture intertwine. Don’t forget to carry an umbrella to stay dry during occasional showers. When planning your trip, remember to secure accommodations in advance, as many resorts may be closed for the season, ensuring you have a cozy place to retreat after your Cretan adventures.

17. Curacao


Choosing Curacao for a November getaway at the tail end of its offseason offers savvy travelers fantastic deals on both airfare and accommodations. While there’s a chance of encountering some occasional rainfall, it’s important to note that Curacao lies outside the hurricane belt of the Caribbean, eliminating the hurricane threat. Thankfully, any showers that do occur tend to be nocturnal, leaving ample daylight hours for basking in the sunshine on the island’s pristine white sand beaches.

For a delightful beach day, make your way to Playa Lagun or Cas Abao Beach, where you can revel in swimming and snorkeling in the crystalline waters. A leisurely stroll down the picturesque Handelskade pier presents a striking visual feast, allowing you to marvel at the colorful buildings juxtaposed against the sparkling azure waters. Curacao in November presents an opportunity for a serene and budget-friendly escape, where rain showers are a minor interruption to your sun-drenched island adventures.

Bottom Line

As November ushers in the transition from the vibrant colors of autumn to the cozy embrace of winter, the travel opportunities remain exceptional. In this blog post, we’ve traversed the globe, showcasing 17 handpicked destinations that promise memorable experiences in November 2023. From the sun-soaked beaches of tropical paradises to the enchanting fall foliage of temperate regions, and the bustling cityscapes of metropolises, your choices are abundant.

Each destination we’ve highlighted has its unique charm, waiting for you to explore. The month of November offers a reprieve from the crowds and the scorching summer heat, allowing you to savor the beauty and culture of these places with a more intimate experience.

So, whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a family adventure, or a solo expedition, the world is your oyster in November. It’s time to embark on your next journey and create cherished memories in one of these fantastic locales. Safe travels and enjoy your November adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is November a good time to travel?

Absolutely! November is a fantastic time to travel. It’s the bridge between the scorching summer and the busy holiday season, offering pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and often more affordable prices. Many destinations are at their best in November, making it an ideal month for a wide range of travel experiences.

2. What types of destinations are featured in the blog post?

Our blog post covers a diverse array of destinations, including beach getaways, natural wonders, cultural cities, and more. Whether you’re a sun-seeker, an adventurer, a culture enthusiast, or a foodie, you’ll find destinations that cater to your preferences.

3. How did you select the 17 best places for November travel?

Our selections are based on a combination of factors, including weather, local events, affordability, and the unique experiences each destination offers in November. We’ve curated this list to ensure there’s something for every type of traveler.

4. Are these destinations suitable for families with children?

Absolutely! We’ve considered family-friendly destinations in our selection. You’ll find destinations that are perfect for family travel, offering activities and attractions that cater to all age groups. So, you can plan a memorable family adventure this November.

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